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Camp Smith to Host U.S. Military’s First Micro Auto Gasification System Test and Evaluation

The world’s most compact and environmentally friendly solid waste treatment appliance will be tested by the United States Marine Corps(USMC) as it evaluates the new Micro Auto Gasification System(MAGS) unit at Camp H.M. Smith this month. Power Ten, Inc., in partnership with Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc., and the USMC have installed and prepared this new technology that makes it practical to eliminate waste locally and autonomously. Power Ten, Inc is the exclusive distributor of MAGS to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security for Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.

Taking place from August 16 – 30, 2011, the MAGS evaluation will assess MAGS’ effectiveness, suitability, and impact for military operations. In one hour, MAGS can gasify up to 100 lbs of organic waste, including paper, plastics, and wood. The process, which is safe for communities and the environment, reduces the volume of waste by more than 90 percent. Carbon in the waste is converted to bio-char, an inert carbonaceous material that can be either used as a soil additive or safely landfilled, limiting the formation of substantial quantities of carbon dioxide.

Another benefit of the MAGS is that the system meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European Union (EU) standards for safe emissions, while making it possible for the waste heat produced to be captured for heating water, room temperature, or other uses.

“MAGS significantly meets or exceeds all EPA and EU air pollution standards,” says Scott Kerchner, Senior Manager for Power Ten, Inc. “A government validation of the EPA compliance will occur during the August operational test.”

Installed in June 2011, the MAGS unit is also receiving praise from Department of Defense officials for its efficiency and ease of use. According to Donn Murakami, Office of Naval Research Science Advisor, “MAGS is truly remarkable! It seems as though the more we feed it, the better it works.”

During this initial evaluation period, the MAGS unit will be tested for two 5-day periods and will operate between 0700 and 1800 hours. Marines trained to operate MAGS will oversee the daily operations of the unit while data collectors will record all data required for the assessment. Once this first evaluation has been completed, operations may be expanded and further testing may take place aboard marine vessels, at forward operating bases, and other locations.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress that has been made at Camp Smith and anticipate great results to come from this evaluation,” said Power Ten’s Kerchner.

Results of the evaluation are expected to be released in early October and further tests are being scheduled for the MAGS at other locations.

Power Ten, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides professional, technical, engineering, and information technologies services to government and industry customers. Power Ten, Inc. was founded and is managed by former Marines with extensive operational and management experience who share common proven leadership and business principles – QUALITY PEOPLE, WHO DELIVER QUALITY PRODUCTS, AT A FAIR AND REASONABLE PRICE. Our people, our partners, and our customers share a bond of trust, confidence and a commitment to actionable products.

Our current services center around the United States Marine Corps in the areas of Command, Control Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), Marine Air Command & Control, Test & Evaluation, tactical and operational Unmanned Systems (UxS), and the Marine Aviation Training System. We are an industry leader in these areas due to the performance, reputation and expertise of our people.

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Terragon develops and commercializes practical appliances which enable habitats and enterprises to eliminate their wastes and recover resources. Terragon researches and engineers highly innovative waste treatment systems which anyone can operate safely, economically and without special training. Terragon also offers its knowhow and expertise in the thermal treatment of waste to companies around the world.


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