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terragon-remote-habitat-iconChallenging applications with potentially large returns

The isolated communities and habitats market is challenging due to its remoteness and other factors, but this sector presents many opportunities for Terragon’s approaches.

There are numerous potential applications for MAGSTM and WETTTM in this market, and for the TRU zero waste habitat concept.  The market includes for example:

  • Small isolated communities
  • Hotels
  • Work camps
  • Habitats within larger communities that want to autonomously manage waste

MAGSTM and WETTTM offer more environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions than many current approaches. Even in isolated communities, the practice of waste collection and hauling that is widespread in urban situations is prevalent, often with devastating environmental and health consequences.

In many isolated communities, there are no roads leading far away from the community, and gradually the community becomes surrounded by or in close proximity to mounds of waste. Periodically, these waste dumps are set on fire, which generates many toxic chemicals including dioxins, which are distributed throughout the community.  Leachate from these mounds also contaminates groundwater and surrounding bodies of water.

The high cost of potable water in these communities is typically associated with low per capita water usage, which is correlated to respiratory and gastrointestinal health issues.  The discharge of untreated wastewater results in contamination of surrounding bodies of water and is also associated with health issues.

Terragon’s core mission of establishing zero waste habitats in this market will lead to greatly improved quality of life and reduced costs.  These savings are dependent on the value of energy, the current cost of waste management, the cost of labour and the installation costs

Contact us to discuss the potential savings that may be realizable for your remote habitat.

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