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WETTTM-G for greywater treatment and reuse

WETTTM-G is Terragon’s novel approach for treating greywater (GW) originating from showers, bathing and laundry so that it can be reused in various ways rather than discharged to the environment.  The use of potable water that is often limited and costly can then be reserved for those applications where it is truly required.

WETTTM-G was demonstrated at a Leeds Platinum certified eco-chalet, and can be integrated into individual dwellings or scaled-up for communities of several hundred individuals.

Water Savings

Depending on the approach selected, significant potable water savings can be realized for domestic, community or industrial applications.

Technical Details

Unlike most commercially available GW systems, WETTTM-G does not rely on biological treatment or the use of filters and membranes.  Instead, the unique WETTTM modules are used, including the EC unit which is the core element of this technology.

No EO unit is required, although depending on the level of treatment desired and the intended use of the treated GW, various qualities of treated GW can be produced by modulating treatment conditions and adding polishing and disinfecting units after the core EC unit.

WETTTM-G produces perfectly clear, turbidity-free water.  Potential uses of the treated GW include:

  • Shower water
  • Laundry water
  • Irrigation
  • Toilet flushing
  • Vehicle washing
  • Cleaning
  • Process water


The WETTTM-G features include the following:

  • Operates automatically as long as there is GW to treat
  • Shuts down automatically when there is no GW left to treat
  • Performs a daily automated self-cleaning procedure
  • On/off capability
  • Produces treated water as soon as it is turned on
  • No operator required

View the other WETTTM system models: WETTTM-O for oily water and WETTTM-S for sewage.

What’s Your Application?

Tell us about your project or application
and we will discuss how our technology and appliances can help you save.

Contact one of our product specialists to learn more about WETTTM-G and discuss your application.

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