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Integration of MAGSTM and WETTTM

Maximal recovery of resources for habitats

In many communities, the cost of water and electricity is high, and the uncontrolled discharge and disposal of waste has the potential of endangering the surrounding environment.  This situation can exist in marine platforms, northern communities, hotels, mining camps, arctic stations, island communities, research stations, and more.

Terragon has enabled the Total Resource Utilization (TRU) habitat with its innovative MAGSTM and WETTTM technologies.  The use of these resource recovery appliances leads to important benefits for the habitat, and Zero Waste Discharge which is beneficial for protection of land, water and air.

Terragon has evaluated this concept in a preliminary fashion on a government ship and has carried out a paper study to assess the benefits for various classes of ships.  As well, studies have been carried out to assess the cost savings associated with the TRU concept for northern communities with 150 inhabitants or more.

Contact us to learn more about these studies and how the TRU habitat concept could be of benefit to your situation.

Technical Details

By using both MAGSTM and WETTTM, uncontrolled discharges to the environment can be eliminated and valuable thermal energy and clean water can be recovered for use in the habitat.

The calorific value contained in solid waste (including paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, wood and food) can be converted by MAGSTM to thermal energy, at a rate of about 100 kWh per hour of operation, with a processing capacity of about 50 kg per hour.  The calorific value of sludges can also be recovered by MAGSTM and often yields even higher thermal energy generation rates, depending on the sludge composition.

WETTTM is used to treat liquid waste streams such as sewage and greywater to generate clean reusable water for various domestic uses, irrigation water, or safely dischargeable water.

MAGSTM generates a small by-product aqueous stream which is directed to WETTTM for treatment.  WETTTM generates a sludge by-product stream which after dewatering if required, can be processed in MAGSTM to recover thermal energy.  There are thus no biosolids to worry about, and the biochar generated by MAGSTM is safe for use as soil amendment or for safe disposal to landfill.

Gaseous emissions generated by MAGSTM are extremely clean and meet all marine and land-based standards. This aspect, as well as the efficient recovery of thermal energy distinguishes MAGSTM from the many polluting small-scale incinerators which are progressively being banned in most parts of the world. WETTTM-G has been designed to meet the most stringent water reuse standards, and WETTTM-S is able to treat and disinfect sewage without the use of biological treatment, membranes, or added chemicals.

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