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terragon-remote-habitat-iconImproving self-sustainment at work camps

Work camps such as those found in resource exploration sites or remote construction projects often rely on imported diesel and water. Terragon’s approaches are ideally suited for these applications, since they reduce the high cost of maintaining these camps and allow for sustainable management of various waste streams.

MAGSTM and WETTTM are two environmentally responsible solutions which can be used by work camps to generate energy and water onsite from solid waste, sludges, greywater and black water generated by camp activities. At the same time, issues related to the disposal of these streams are greatly simplified.

Terragon’s core mission of establishing zero waste habitats in this market will lead to reduced costs and a safe working environment for camp inhabitants. These savings are dependent on the value of energy, the current cost of waste management, the cost of labour and the installation costs.

Contact us to discuss the potential savings that may be realizable for your work camp.

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