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Energy from waste

Terragon’s Micro Auto Gasification System is a novel energy appliance fueled by waste.  Safely convert your solid waste and sludges onsite to recover valuable energy.

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Wastewater Solutions

Terragon’s Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology purifies oily water, grey water or black water for onsite recovery of clean water or safe discharge to the environment. 

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Recover valuable resources onsite using Terragon’s MAGSTM & WETTTM

  • Tired of paying others to take care of your residual materials?
  • Discouraged by the high cost of energy and water at your location?
  • Interested in responsibly managing your by-products to safeguard your environment?
  • Facing regulatory restrictions that are challenging to meet?
  • Responsible for improving sustainability in your organization?

Terragon has developed unique equipment (MAGSTM & WETTTM) and approaches to address these concerns. Our solutions will allow you to recover valuable resources from your solid and liquid waste streams, whether they are ordinary, hazardous or highly contaminated.

If you are faced with managing residual materials or liquid streams originating from a production facility, a business, a marine vessel, a remote habitat, a clinic or hospital, a military or civilian operation, a hotel or home, contact us to discuss our unique solutions for these and many other situations.

Our Markets

Ships & Sea Platforms
Military & Security
Remote Habitats
Medical & Hazardous
Work Camps





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