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WETTTM-O for oily water and bilgewater

Terragon has developed the highly innovative WETTTM-O (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Oily Water), the first Type Approved electrochemical treatment system for marine oily bilgewater.

The system has received IMO MEPC.107(49) certification and can treat to 5 or 15 ppm discharge as selected by the operator.  WETTTM-O meets the most stringent discharge standards available for shipboard Oily Water Separators.

The system has been evaluated on commercial and government vessels, and is immune to the effects of ship motion including pitch, roll and vibration.

WETTTM-O can also be used for other oily wastewater, such as vehicle wash water and industrial oily water.

Technical Details

WETTTM-O is a lightweight compact unit based on coalescence separation of free oil in a free oil separator (FOS), followed by one or more proprietary self-cleaning anti-passivating electrocoagulation (EC) units and a fluorescence-based Type Approved Oil Content Monitor (OCM).

WETTTM-O breaks the oily emulsions contained in bilge water and produces an effluent with less than 5 ppm of oil. As well, it removes many pollutants such as large solids, suspended solids, free oil, colloids, organics, phosphorus and heavy metals.

How WETTTM-O Works


The WETTTM-O features include:

  • Effective, compact and robust
  • Makes use of sacrificial metal electrodes
  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Operates continuously 24/7 without operator attendance
  • Treatment capacities between 1.44 m3/d (380 gal/d) and 10.8 m3/d (2853 gal/d)
  • Option of selecting 5 ppm or 15 ppm discharge setting

WETTTM-O does NOT require:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Heating
  • Biological treatment
  • Chemical reagents
  • Separation tanks
  • Filters or membranes
  • Adsorbent media

What’s Your Application?

Tell us about your project or application
and we will discuss how our technology and appliances can help you save.

The modularity of the system allows for custom design based on the volume of oily bilge water generated and the installation space available. Different system layouts are possible, including a standard design and a design with remotely located control cabinet. Optional panels for system enclosure are also available.

To learn more about how the novel WETTTM-O could benefit your business, download the Technical Specifications and contact one of our product specialists.



View the other WETTTM system models: WETTTM-G for greywater and WETTTM-S for sewage.

Contact one of our product specialists to learn more about WETTTM-O and discuss your application.

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