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terragon-military-iconLarge and Diverse Market with many Needs

The Military and Security market lives mostly off-grid. The methods that most people have established for maintaining their habitats clean and healthy, namely the transfer of the waste to central processing facilities, is not available. Compact, transportable technologies, such as MAGS and WETT, which enable a clean and healthy living environment, are of great relevance in this market sector.

The Military and Security market sector can be divided into three sub-sectors, as follows:

Marine Operations:

There is a large number of war ships and military support vessels that could make use of MAGS and WETT, including landing ships, cruisers, destroyers and frigates.  Although MAGS is too large for some smaller ships such as corvettes and patrol boats due to their reduced complement, these vessels can still make use of WETT for sewage and bilgewater treatment.

Forward Operating Bases:

While the total number of land-based military operations is extensive, Terragon’s MAGS and WETT technologies are most likely to be especially useful for Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). These bases are spread around the world both in war zones, like Afghanistan, but also in every Continent and on many Pacific islands. Each FOB is host to a few hundred to a few thousand troops and supporting these FOBs with energy, water and waste management is both expensive and operationally challenging.

Security Operations:

The Security sub-sector is related to either military or civilian operations. This market includes the Coast Guard, prisons, borders and various law enforcement activities. MAGS and WETT have significant applications in this market, with each operation involving a relatively small number of people working in relative isolation. Additionally, frequently there is labour available to operate MAGS at no additional cost.

There are many drivers for the use of MAGS and WETT in the military and security markets, including:

  • Operational
  • Improved security
  • Reduced costs
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental

Contact us for a confidential discussion of the new possibilities that become possible with MAGS, WETT and the zero waste habitat concept.

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