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WETTTM-S for treatment of sewage and highly contaminated water

 Terragon has developed the novel patented WETTTM-S for sewage, concentrated sewage, and industrial wastewater.  While domestic and community situations usually produce typical municipal sewage, situations that have low per capita water usage or that have separate greywater (GW) and blackwater (BW) collection may generate highly concentrated wastewater.

Such situations include:

  • Ships and sea platforms
  • Isolated habitats such as mining, research, exploratory and military camps
  • Small communities which have a high cost for potable water
  • Northern communities

WETTTM-S has been trialed on a government vessel for BW and has been containerized for evaluation by the US Army for highly contaminated sewage generated by Forward Operating Bases.

 Technical Details

As with all WETTTM products, WETTTM-S is based on Terragon’s proprietary self-cleaning passivation-resistant EC unit as a first stage to remove approximately 75% of all contaminants.  Sewage or BW still contains a high concentration of COD and BOD after this stage. Thus in WETTTM-S, EC is followed by electrochemical oxidation (EO) to destroy residual organics.  EO is based on Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) electrodes, which are robust and able to produce highly reactive hydroxyl radicals.

Once through the EC and EO, the treated BW is now fully disinfected and ready for discharge to the environment.


WETTTM-S has a number of truly unique features which are not available with typical sewage treatment approaches:

  • Entirely electrochemical
  • No micro/ultra/nano filtration, no membranes!
  • No biological treatment, no chemical addition
  • Immediate treatment, on/off capability
  • Reduces COD, BOD, TSS
  • Complete disinfection
  • Removes nutrients (P, N) and heavy metals
  • Not affected by toxic compounds, fats, oils and grease
  • Not affected by variable hydraulic loadings or concentrations
  • Compact and automated
  • Minimal operator attendance

What’s Your Application?

Tell us about your project or application
and we will discuss how our technology and appliances can help you save.

Most packaged sewage treatment systems rely on biological treatment which can take several weeks to become effective, thereby eliminating the possibility of on/off treatment.  As well, biological treatment does not adapt well to variable organic loadings, highly concentrated sewage, and is easily upset by temperature changes, cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergents, oil and grease.

Wastewater treated with WETTTM-S is typically not considered for reuse except for irrigation in some cases.  For discharge to the environment, depending on geographic location and whether this is to land or to surface bodies of water, various discharge standards will apply.

Whether your objectives are to improve wastewater management, treatment performance, treatment cost, or treatment reliability, contact our product specialist to discuss how a WETTTM-S system could improve your current wastewater management approach.

View the other WETTTM system models: WETTTM-O for oily water and WETTTM-G for greywater.

Contact one of our product specialists to learn more about WETTTM-S and discuss your application.

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