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Total Resource Utilization (TRU)

Enabling Zero Waste Discharge Habitats

Most people manage the waste they generate by exporting it to others. Whether by garbage truck or by sewer, their only responsibility is to transfer waste away from their habitat. Most current waste treatment technologies support this approach.

For many communities and habitats, the conventional approach to waste management is not practical. Examples include ships, isolated communities, resorts, hospitals and numerous other habitats that, for various reasons, cannot transfer their waste to others.

Terragon was created to develop simple appliances that enable any habitat to treat its own waste locally with no environmental damage and with significant benefits from the recovery of resources contained within the waste. In this way, what was previously considered as waste becomes repurposed and has value since it can be used to generate useful resources.

Terragon’s unique appliances enable the Total Resource Utilization (TRU) habitat as well as the Zero Waste Discharge habitat, leading to reduced environmental impact and contributing to a revolution in resource management.

Terragon is revolutionizing off-grid sustainability by enabling any habitat to stop exporting waste and use it locally to generate valuable resources.

Please explore our website, learn about our products and join our revolution.

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