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terragon-biomedical-iconEnabling Self-sufficiency, Cost Savings and a Greener Hospital Footprint

Hospitals and clinics are essential to the maintenance of our health, but the biomedical and other dangerous wastes and the discharged water at these facilities poses an environmental threat, health hazard, and financial burden. Laboratories, nursing homes, funeral homes, dental offices and veterinary clinics are some additional examples of establishments burdened with difficult and expensive waste streams.

Biomedical and Hazardous Waste Streams

The total cost of managing medical waste can be excessive: the waste must be placed into special bags and bins, stored separately, transported in refrigerated trucks and carefully disposed of to eliminate potential exposure. The autoclave has risen to help eliminate this waste burden, however, several factors serve as a deterrent to this technology including: problematic operating conditions resulting in incomplete sterilization, heavy energy consumption, no reduction in waste volume, increases in waste weight, treatment limited to only non-anatomical biomedical waste, and refused acceptance of autoclaved waste at certain landfills.

It’s Not Waste!

With Terragon you can turn the burden into a benefit by transforming your medical and dangerous waste into a resource using MAGSTM.

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The MAGSTM Solution

Take control and safely sterilize and convert the following discarded material into energy onsite:

  • General
  • Pathological
  • Anatomical
  • Sharps
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solvents
  • Genotoxics
  • Pressurized containers

Hospital Discharge Water

The water discharged from medical facilities constitutes a major release of chemicals and microbial agents. Residues of pharmaceuticals and cytotoxic drugs, iodinated contrast media (ICMs), antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses and at times even prions are present. Many of these compounds resist normal wastewater treatment and end up in surface waters negatively affecting aquatic ecosystems and contaminating drinking water produced from these sources. Unlike conventional biological treatment, the WETTTM-S technology is able to degrade these contaminants using powerful hydroxyl radicals in a unique Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process based on Boron Doped Diamond electrode which also completely disinfects the stream.

The WETTTM Solution

Take control and safely treat the following contaminants in your discharge water:

  • Pathogens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cytotoxics


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