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New type of waste disposal system tested on Oahu

A first of its kind piece of equipment is helping one military installation on Oahu reduce it’s trash output. An eager group of students got a firsthand look at the system.

It was a first hand lesson for students from Damien Memorial School, learning more about the MAGS system in operation at Camp Smith.

“It will take paper, plastics, cardboard, food waste, even metals and glass. It will gasify everything and turn it into char, except for metals and glass,” said Donn Murakami of U.S.M.C. Forces Pacific.

The Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) reduces the volume of solid waste by as much as 95 percent, which the Marine Corps says is ideal for remote locations like Afghanistan or Iraq.

“And traditionally what might happen is you might dig a big pit, throw all your trash in it, and then burn it. And that’s not good for the Marines, it’s not good for the environment, or the local population,” Murakami says.

Murakami says the emissions from the system are much lower than a traditional incinerator.

The students learned how the system can be used on base.

“Essentially what I learned about MAGS is it is a way that you can turn waste into energy and apply it back into a building,” said Damien Memorial student Ian Clardy.

Clardy says he was inspired by the show and tell.

“I definitely like to build things, and kind think outside of the box, and apply sciences, and physics, and chemistry into different major fields. I’ve always wanted to become some form of scientist, and follow in my father’s footsteps,” he said.

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