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Terragon Press Release -Lloyds List Global Maritime Engineering Innovation Award Short-list

Terragon Press Release -Lloyds List Global Maritime Engineering Innovation Award short-list

2016-07-20-Press-Release-Lloyds-List-Global-Maritime-Engineering-Innovation-Award-short-list_FINAL-minTerragon Environmental Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that WETT-O has been short-listed for the Lloyd’s List GLOBAL Awards 2016 under the category “Maritime Engineering Innovation”. The award recognises the best in shipping globally during the last year and the winner will be announced during a gala evening on September 28 at the National Maritime Museum in London.

intro-wett-oTerragon’s Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology, WETT-O, is a unique, compact, shipboard-proven chemical-free and filter-free oily water separator (OWS) and the first Type Approved shipboard OWS based on electrochemistry. “The selection of our WETT-O technology as a finalist for the Global Maritime Engineering Innovation Award is a great honor and a recognition of our efforts to enable the “zero waste discharge ship”. We thank the selection committee and we hope that WETT-O will prove to be a cost competitive product that offers consistently high performance to ships”, says Terragon’s CEO & President, Peter Tsantrizos.

How WETT-O works

For the complete list of Finalists, follow this link.

About Terragon

Terragon is a leading environmental technology company that develops and commercializes products to enable off-grid sustainability. The company’s vision is to enable the “zero-waste discharge” habitat, whereby all waste streams are used to generate valuable resources for the site that is creating the waste.

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