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Fairmont Hotels to Demonstrate MAGS

Terragon Environmental Technologies is pleased to announce that Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has signed on as a demonstration site for the MAGS system.. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts intends to install the system at their Chateau Montebello location in Quebec in order to reduce the costs of waste disposal in their remote location.

Terragon’s MAGS product is a compact, easy-to-use waste disposal unit that requires no special personnel for operation. The MAGS system uses a small amount of diesel, but largely fuels itself as it turns the gas released by combustible waste into ‘Syngas’, the system’s main source of energy. MAGS can dispose of untreated and unsorted solid waste quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Terragon develops practical appliances which enable communities and enterprises to eliminate their wastes and recover resources. Terragon researches and engineers highly innovative waste treatment systems which anyone can operate safely, economically and without special training. Terragon products include MAGS, for solid disposal, and WETT for liquid waste treatment. Terragon also offers its knowhow and expertise in the thermal treatment of waste to companies around the world.

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