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Aloha to MAGS: New installation at Kalaupapa National Park

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. (Terragon) is pleased to announce that a contract has been awarded by the US National Parks Service for the implementation of a Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) at the Kalaupapa National Historic Park, a Remote Community located within an isolated peninsula on the north shore of Molokai, Hawaii. MAGS will be used for the on-site conversion of all combustible waste streams generated by the community into thermal energy. The community of Kalaupapa consists of approximately 125 residents, and MAGS will not only treat all of the combustible waste generated by the residents (paper, cardboard, food, plastics, etc…) but also treat oil and potentially sewage sludge. Because of its isolated, remote geography and economically sensitive environment, waste management is currently challenging and costly. MAGS will result in the cost avoidance of waste transfer and transportation, improved environmental impact, and the local generation of energy using materials previously considered waste.

Terragon’s MAGS is a compact, easy-to-use waste conversion appliance that anyone with minimal training can operate. MAGS processes untreated and unsorted combustible solid waste quickly, economically and in an environmentally responsible manner, while generating thermal energy. A number of technology demonstrations were performed in Hawaii during the period of 2011 through 2015 with pre-commercial prototypes, as part of research projects sponsored by US Marine Forces Pacific and the Office of Naval Research. MAGS is now a proven, commercially available technology successfully operating on commercial and military ships, industries, military bases and remote communities. We are honored to return to Hawaii and to include the US National Parks Service as one of our valued customers.



About Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.:
Terragon is a leading environmental technology company that develops and commercializes products to enable off-grid sustainability. The company’s vision is to enable the “zero-waste discharge” habitat, whereby all waste streams are used to generate valuable resources for the site that is creating the waste. More Information can be found on Terragon’s website –


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