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What’s a MAGS?

What exactly is the difference between an incinerator and a MAGS?

MAGS is our proprietary Micro Auto Gasification System that can treat most waste streams including food contaminated waste, plastic, packaging, oils and sludges. Unlike typical shipboard incinerators, MAGS can efficiently process high plastic and high food waste streams and is designed to eliminate fire risk and uncontrolled burning that results in the release of toxic outputs and poor emissions, including dioxins, furans, and fly ash. MAGS is safe and effective being the best option to reduce a ship’s environmental footprint: clean gas emissions and reduced GHG. Additionally, remote monitoring and automated programs provide hassle-free operation and process control.
One important benefit of MAGS is that it generates very clean emissions, not only meeting the limits set forth in with MEPC.244(66), but also meeting future standards currently under development at IMO (the EU Directive 2000/76/EC Annex V, which could serve as the basis for future regulations (Standard specification or Guidelines for thermal waste treatment devices. Reference: Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR 9)).


Saving space compared to large incinerators

Easily replaces your small incinerator

All waste categories accepted

Reduced waste management costs

Reduced energy costs

Modular design for simple retrofits

Easy operations

Limited pollutants

95% waste volume reduction

What’s a WETT?
WETT is our proprietary water treatment system that can treat oily water and blackwater onboard. Why is WETT better than the alternative? WETT uses advanced electrochemistry without filters or chemicals. Consumables are designed for easy replacement and minimum downtime. The operation interface is user-friendly, with clear, detailed status alarms, remote monitoring capabilities and automated programs. Minimal labor requirement is an added advantage. WETT complies with the strictest MARPOL regulations which gives you security while cruising in protected areas like the Baltic Sea.

What makes Terragon different?

Terragon is the only company that has developed our own innovative solutions for solid & liquid waste. The level of technical expertise that we have in-house and the level of after-sale support that we give our clients are like no other. For your ship installations, our fantastic service team will make sure everything works perfectly and that your staff is well trained to operate the equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any ships over 400 tonnes, or with more than 15 crew members can benefit from one, or more, of our WETT systems. Ships over this size or crew complement are required to have oily-water separators or sewage treatment devices to prevent marine pollution and our WETT systems adhere to and often perform significantly better than even the strictest MARPOL regulations. Our automated programs mean ship engineers have more time for other tasks, which is often an overlooked benefit that leads to smoother operations in other areas.

MAGS is currently being used on a variety of ships, including cruise ships, expeditionary ships, research vessels, and commercial ships. Any ships producing more than 150 kg of solid wastes per day would benefit from MAGS, as well as any ships already using an incinerator and are looking for a safer and more eco-friendly alternative. MAGS is engineered to eliminate the hazardous byproducts of other thermal waste processing, while producing significantly reduced emissions and utilizing a closed-loop scrubber to reduce the potential for harmful scrubber water discharge; protecting both the environment and the crew.

Terragon’s waste management solutions are based on advanced technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. We have designed our systems for straight-forward, push-button operation that minimizes staff burden. Every system comes with on-site commissioning and comprehensive training for your staff. We also offer expert service, preventative maintenance, and after-sale support to ensure optimal performance. Our technologies are also based on modular design principles to make ship integration and refit, repair, or upgrades a hassle-free experience.

Responsible waste management often carries greater expenses than irresponsible practices, but the value of protecting the Marine environment is priceless. To encourage responsible marine operations, Terragon offers financial flexibility that will fit your budget. As waste management fees increase globally, Terragon’s technologies offer a consistent and transparent cost structure for eliminating solid wastes and wastewater, while also providing a potential for cost saving through the recuperation and reduction of energy needed for heating, or through the reuse of water. Terragon’s technologies also have the potential to increase ship endurance by eliminating wastes onboard, allowing greater time at sea and less calls to port.

Supporting your environmental compliance goals through partnership and innovation.
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